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You are an expert in your industry and love publishing content that serves your clients

But, publishing has become confusing with all the moving parts and constant change. By publishing a magazine that becomes a sales funnel you can grow your subscriber list and monetize your marketing faster and easier than you thought possible.

You're about to discover a powerful and impressive way to wow clients, prospects, and referral partners with a "Magazine Funnel." See exactly how to generate new interest in your business, and even monetize with passive income from brand deals and sponsorships!

Our publishing team will help you to launch or grow a magazine through our proven Instant Media Mogul™ process so you can save time & money and get better results.

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This is truly transformative marketing that positions you as the go-to expert while making it easier to build your email list and close better deals.

"Jen has helped me take an idea about a magazine and turn it into something that has exceeded my expectations. I came to magazine publishing with zero background knowledge and experience. Her systems helped me get into focused action quickly.  If you are considering the possibility of publishing a magazine, I highly recommend Jen for her expertise and customer service." 
- Mary Meduna- Gross, The Conscious-Preneur Magazine

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Creating content for a magazine sounds like a lot of work. Do I have to write all the articles?
With our process, you will leave the heavy lifting to our editing team! Do you have blog articles that are relevant, but not getting the views they deserve? Let us repurpose your existing content into fresh, new articles. If you don't have existing content, we will show you how to get your industry influencers and key strategic partners to become contributing writers. We'll even give you the email template to send them that makes this process simple, easy, and fun!
I wrote a book for my business and that process was expensive and time consuming. Is creating a magazine like writing a book?
The main reason why our clients decide to publish their own magazines is because we've made the process a lot faster and more affordable than book publishing. You can have a magazine funnel created and launched for a fraction of the price it takes to launch another book. In fact, it's so much better, that most of our clients decide to publish a new magazine and refresh their funnel quarterly with fresh content.
What do I do with the magazine funnel after it's published to help my business grow?
Using our proprietary process, we will give you access to over 52 proven strategies to get more attention, generate more interest, and close more high value opportunities using your magazine funnel. If you desire media interviews, stage opportunities, "foot in the door" conversations, strategic partnerships with influencers, better clients, or just a simple way to stay top of mind with your existing contacts, Instant Media Mogul™ has you covered.
Who owns the content of my magazine funnel?
YOU! Everything we create for you is 100% custom to you and will not be found in any other publications. This is not an "off the shelf" publishing experience like other magazines out there. You will own everything that is created for the magazine. The funnel set-up will be done on your existing website and tied to your existing email marketing system and social media channels. If you don't have these tools, we will create them for you.
What does "funnel" mean?
The Instant Media Mogul™ system is not just a magazine, it is an entire Magazine Funnel system done for you and backed by our proprietary system of over 52 marketing strategies. This system is designed to help you get more attention, stay top of mind, and land the business opportunities you deserve. What's included is your magazine as both a digital and print version, an opt-in page for subscribers, an email nurture campaign, a makeover of your social media pages, a set of social media graphics, and copy-paste promotional posts. We also provide a Media Kit to help you land advertisers and brand deals if you choose to monetize by offering ad space. You also get access to our phone call scripts and email templates to help you land brand deals, contributors, media interviews, and stage time if you'd like.
Do I have to sell my magazine or do I give it away for free?
Depending on your unique business goals, you could do either or both. Most of the time, our clients simply give the online magazine away for free as a digital download to build their email list. Then they print up a short-run (50 or fewer) and send the printed copies to key decision makers, prospects, and clients. Set up a call with Instant Media Mogul CEO Jen DeVore to talk through what makes the most sense for your marketing plan.

Instant Media Mogul™ is more than a magazine. 
It's a Magazine Funnel!

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